Terms & Conditions

By booking our serivces, you agree to the following terms and conditions.


All bookings of Property Pixel will be confirmed via a confirmation email prior to the agreed upon appointment date. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure the correct address and contact details are provided. Unless arranged in advance of the booking, the paying client or their representative must be present at the agreed upon time of the property photoshoot. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that a booked photoshoot does not coincide with other activities including, but not limited to, pest control appointments, house inspections, renovations, electrical work, cleaning, painting, or open house viewings. Exclusive access to the property is required by Property Pixel to ensure that the requested services are completed within an appropriate time frame and without interference.


Cancellations within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment will incur a fee of $60 if the booking is not rebooked (excluding cancellations resulting from extreme weather conditions). Cancellations where a client applies for a rebooked appointment (within cancellation time of 24 hours prior to the original shoot time) will incur a fee of $30. If access to the property is both unaccessible and unattended upon arrival of Property Pixel at the scheduled appointment time, a cancellation fee of $100 will be charged.


All marketing material that includes, but is not limited to photography, floor plans, videos is copyright protected by Property Pixel. When our services are booked by a client, we license the marketing material we create solely to that client for a single purpose. If our client is a real estate agent, the marketing material we provide to them can only be used for that particular marketing campaign. They do not have permission to provide the marketing material to a third party to reuse it. For example, if a real estate agent is taking over a property listing and wants to use the marketing material that the previous real estate agent had booked Property Pixel for, they will need to pay a licensing fee. Only after payment has been received will the new real estate agent be allowed to use the existing marketing material. This licensing fee allows them to use this marketing material solely for that particular marketing campaign.


Although Property Pixel aims to deliver most of our completed services by the following business day, this is not considered a definitive guarantee. External circumstances, including internet or electrical dysfunctions and workload fluctuations, fall within the rights of Property Pixel to deliver our completed services later than the following business day.

Drone Photography

Property Pixel must adhere to the rules and regulations regarding drone usage and drone photography as set out by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). Drone images will not be taken by Property Pixel if an estate is located within a no fly zone, as usage of drones within such areas can be potentially hazardous to aircrafts.

Floor Plans

Floor plans created by Property Pixel must be checked by the client and the real estate agent prior to advertising of the property. If any inconsistencies are initially found before public release of the floor plan, Property Pixel will correct the discrepancies so that it correlates with the physical estate. If nuances are found after the floor plans are advertised, Property Pixel cannot be held liable for incorrect or false advertisement, as it was the responsibility of the client to ensure that the primary floor plan layout was correct.


An invoice for a property photoshoot will be processed and sent to the client the next business day after the appointment. The invoice is due in 7 days.

Property Presentation

It is the responsibility of the client to ensure the property is clean, devoid of clutter and presentable for the photoshoot. Property Pixel will photograph the property as it appears at the time of the scheduled shoot (including mess, clutter and general uncleanliness, if the client has failed to adequately prepare the property for photos). It is not within the scope of the services of Property Pixel to digitally remove disarrayed items or general mess/rubbish. If the client is dissatisfied with property photography or film as a direct result of visible disorganization or uncleanliness present within the photos, Property Pixel cannot be held liable, as the client has failed to uphold their agreed upon responsibility to ensure the property is ready for the photographer.